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Diabetic Snacks Bhujia | 70% Better Blood Sugar Control

Diabetic Snacks Bhujia | 70% Better Blood Sugar Control

For those between the meals cravings, we have formulated an absolutely delicious Diabetes Snack - Bhujia.

These Diabetic snacks Bhujia is made using Ayurvedic ingredients and tastes very similar to the Market Leader's Aloo Bhujia, but without the Aloo or the Carbs. Our Diabetic friendly Bhujia has been clinically tested on Diabetics to give upto 70% better blood sugar levels after consumption as compared to regular bhujia.

This sugar free snack is a must-have smart for all Diabetics and Pre-diabetics!

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Putting A Healthy Twist To Bhujia

If you love snacking, we’ve got just the product for you!

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DiabeSmart Bhujia is prepared using Low GI ingredients, to ensure slow and steady glucose release in your bloodstream resulting in 50% lower sugar spikes.

Made with 100% natural, plant-based ingredients such as Methi Seeds, Karela Seeds, and Jamun Seeds known in Ayurveda to help in Diabetes Management. With no compromise on taste & texture, we bet this is the smartest-ever snack replacement for diabetics.

However, it is advisable to ensure portion control for responsible snacking so that you have effective blood glucose control.

Specially formulated by a panel of nutritionists and dietitians these diabetes specialist foods can fit in any diabetes management plan to provide the right dietary care.

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Subham sankhala

Diabetic Snacks Bhujia | 70% Better Blood Sugar Control

Bikram Banik

Diabetic Snacks Bhujia | 70% Better Blood Sugar Control

Mustak ahmed

Diabetic Snacks Bhujia | 70% Better Blood Sugar Control

Apurva Jani

There is no need of glucometer on every purchase. Once it is getting with 1st purchase, the option may be given to customer to choose free gift include test strip for glucometer.

Tried the sample version

Liked the product taste. Not a unique taste, but the ingredients are. Slightly higher price and if you really have to eat and you are diabetic,then you can go for it.