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Diabesmart South Indian Mixture: The Best South Indian Snacks for Diabetics

Diabesmart South Indian Mixture: The Best South Indian Snacks for Diabetics

  • Guilt-free, diabetic-friendly snack
  • Manages sugar spike
  • Tastes like regular mixture
  • Safe for daily consumption
  • Made with ayurvedic ingredients
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Finding a tasty and healthy snack can be hard for people who care about their health, especially those with diabetes. Diabesmart presents a revolutionary option for those seeking South Indian snacks for diabetics. Our sugar-free namkeen, crafted with the finest ayurvedic ingredients, is a perfect blend of tradition and nutrition.

Crafted for Health and Taste:

Our diabetic-friendly South Indian mixture, Diabesmart, is more than just an evening snack. A fusion of taste and health, carefully designed for individuals with diabetes.

This snack contains healthy seeds that have a high fibre content. It helps diabetic patients by reducing sugar spikes by 50%. Each portion contains protein and healthy fats, which are vital for effectively managing type 2 diabetes.

Ingredients for Optimal Health:

  1. Chickpea Flour: Chickpea flour in our sugar free Namkeen is rich in protein and fibre, which helps control blood sugar and keeps you feeling full.
  2. Edible Sunflower Oil: High in healthy fats, it helps the heart and controls blood sugar levels, crucial for diabetics.
  3. Moth Bean Flour: It is good for diabetes because it helps control blood sugar levels. This is because it contains protein and fibre.
  4. Edible Common Salt: Used in moderation, it helps in enhancing flavour without significantly impacting blood pressure or sugar levels.
  5. Mixed Spices: Spices add taste and have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that can help with diabetes
  6. Curry Leaves: They lower blood sugar by affecting insulin in the body.
  7. Groundnuts: They are rich in healthy fats and protein, which help in stabilising blood sugar and providing sustained energy.
  8. Soy Flour: It helps with blood sugar and insulin because it has lots of protein and few carbs.
  9. Methi Seed Powder : Fenugreek (methi) seeds are effective in lowering blood sugar levels and improving glucose tolerance.
  10. Jamun Seed Powder : Jamun seeds lower blood sugar and boost insulin production, helpful for managing diabetes
  11. Karela Seed Powder : Seeds of bitter gourd contain charantin and polypeptide-p, substances that reduce blood sugar levels.
  12. Jackfruit Flour: It has a low glycaemic index, making it good for diabetics by controlling blood sugar levels

Clinically Proven Benefits:

The Diabesmart mixture is not just a claim; it's a clinically proven formula to lower blood sugar levels. With zero chemicals or preservatives, it's 100% natural, making it a safe and great evening snack for diabetic patients.

Nutritional Superiority:

Our South Indian snacks for diabetics are also suitable for those wanting to lose weight naturally. It is sugar-free, low in fats, and cholesterol-free.

Nutrient DiabeSmart South Indian
Mixture (Per 100 gm)
Regular South Indian
Mixture (Per 100 gm)
Energy 638 Kcal 550 Kcal
Net Carbohydrate 28 gm 60 gm
Dietary Fibre 8.8 gm 4 gm
Total Sugar 2.9 gm 10 gm
Total Fat 46.39 gm 35 gm
Protein 18.3 gm 10 gm
Saturated Fat 14.5 gm 15 gm
Trans Fat 0 gm 0.5 gm
Cholesterol 0 gm 5 gm
Sodium 689 mg 750 mg

Customer Reviews

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bhagya s rajagoplan
Healthy Diet

Best Diet snack for Diabetes and everyone . Healthy Tasty. South Indian
Mixture good less pea nut excellent .

D Kumar .
Nice taste with no suger

Best taste with no suger apike

Good product

Sugar does not go up


Very Nice in Taste and want to order again and again.



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