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Diabetic Sweetener

Diabetic Sweetener

  • Specially Made For Diabetics
  • 1:1 Replacement For Sugar
  • No Sucralose or Maltitol
  • No Carbs
  • No Preservatives
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  • MADE SPECIALLY FOR DIABETICS: Only Sweetener made for Diabetics DiabeSmart Sweetener is mindfully formulated for individuals managing diabetes. It is a Ultra Low GI, ZERO sugar, and ZERO calorie substitute to organic sugar, or even brown sugar (which typically has 380 calories per 100g and GI of 65-70). Our sugar free sweetener is crafted to perfectly complement the diabetic diet and not impact the blood sugar levels.
  • CONTAINS CLEAN, NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Unlike most other everyday sweeteners, ours contains NO maltitol, sucralose, maltodextrin, or GMO. It is made with Monk Fruit and Stevia so diabetics can consume it everyday, being sure that it does not impact their health and wellness in any way.
  • TASTES LIKE REGULAR SUGAR WITH NO AFTERTASTE: While many sugar free powders or sweeteners give a bitter aftertaste, our sweetener tastes just like regular sugar. It is designed to blend in well and add the perfect sweetness to foods & beverages, allowing diabetics to enjoy a superior taste, without giving the unpleasant aftertaste.
  • USE LIKE REGULAR SUGAR (1:1 ratio): Keeping in mind the Indian cooking which ideally does not use stevia drops or sugar sachets for recipes, our sweetener is made available in a sugar free powder form. One teaspoon of DiabeSmart’s sweetener tastes the same as one teaspoon of regular sugar. So, you can use your regular measurements in mixing, blending, and baking, without compromising the quality of sweetness.
  • IDEAL FOR HEALTH AND WEIGHT WATCHERS: This sweetener is also good for anyone who is on a fat loss/ healthy diet. Compared to alternatives like coconut sugar, palm sugar or date sugar, that still contain calories and a higher GI, our sweetener can be used daily as diet sugar that helps you stay true to your health/fitness goals.

Customer Reviews

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Great Sweetener

Great for diabetics and good value for money. Excellent quality. Didn't think it would taste good but it does tastes good, and surprisingly.


Can drink my chai without overthinking about sugar calories now. Tried this after trying and fialing to like the others in the market and i have found my favourite sweetener.


The best sugar substitute for a health-freak or diabetes and pre-diabetes people. Would wholeartedly recommend this.

zero sugar, best

Love the product, good sugar replacement for people who are cutting down on sugar. Very light product but with the sweetness


Nothing to dislike, like the taste and can get used to the taste after repeated use. Great formulation