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Sugar-free biscuits for diabetics - Almond

Sugar-free biscuits for diabetics - Almond

  • 100% sugar free and maida free
  • Ultra low in carb
  • Contains real almonds
  • Helps Manage sugar levels
  • No added preservatives
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Deliciously Nutritious & Diabetes Friendly

Try our tasty sugar-free almond cookies, perfect for health-conscious individuals and those with diabetes. These Indian biscuits contain no sugar and are made with healthy ingredients. They are a great snack choice for satisfying your sweet tooth without causing blood sugar levels to rise.

Key Benefits:

  • Zero Added Sugar: Our almond biscuits contain absolutely no added sugar, ensuring a safe and tasty snacking experience for everyone, especially diabetics. These biscuits, made with low GI ingredients, help manage diabetes by keeping blood sugar levels stable.
  • Ultra-Low on Carbs: Expertly formulated with a low carbohydrate content, these biscuits are perfect for guilt-free snacking anytime, anywhere.
  • Healthy Ingredients: DiabeSmart produces one of the best healthy biscuits in India which contain Methi, Karela, Jamun Seeds, and Jackfruit flour. They are delicious and have nutrients that can lower blood sugar levels, as proven by clinical studies. They are a healthier option for everyone because they do not contain any harmful additives.

Ideal for Every Occasion:

Our sugar-free biscuits for diabetics are great for work, travel, or relaxing at home. They're the perfect snack. They are the best available healthy biscuits in India, suitable for every dietary need.

A Tradition of Trust:

Our sugar-free digestive biscuits combine Indian ayurvedic wisdom with modern nutritional science, creating a special and enjoyable snacking experience

Choose Health, Choose Flavor!

Experience the perfect balance of taste and health with our sugar-free almond biscuits for diabetics. Your search for delicious, diabetes-friendly cookies ends here. Try them today and join the revolution of healthy snacking in India!

Nutrient DiabeSmart Sugar - free
Almond Biscuits (Per 100 gm)
Regular Sugar free Biscuits
(Per 100 gm)
Energy 594.8 Kcal Higher
Net Carbohydrate 17 gm Higher
Total Carbohydrate 36.8 gm Higher
Dietary Fibre 11.6 gm Lower
Total Sugar 3.6 gm Higher
Added Sugar 0.0 gm Higher
Total Fat 38.8 gm Almost Similar
Saturated Fat 8.7 gm Almost Similar
Trans Fat 0.0 gm Higher
Sodium 226.5 mg Almost Similar
Protein 24.6 gm Lower

Customer Reviews

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Remove palm old and sweener

This one expensive biscuit still it has palm oil in it.

Rajesh Mehta
Old stock delivered.

Old stock delivered. Not a Fresly made.

Lakshmi .

Sugar-free biscuits for diabetics - Almond

Sandeep Lucas
Very delayed service

Delivery took almost 7 days to reach from Bangalore to mangalore being in the same state very poor service

Vasudevan Roopalekha

Good but expensive

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