Shocking Symptoms of Diabetes You May Have Never Heard Of!

Shocking Symptoms of Diabetes You May Have Never Heard Of!


is a condition that affects the way your body uses and synthesises insulin. This often results in blood sugar level spikes and other

health complications



If Diabetes runs in your family, you may want to look out for these subtle and lesser-known symptoms!


Fruity Breath

Caused by

diabetic ketoacidosis

, a fruity-smelling breath is often a giveaway of diabetes! Without insulin, your body starts breaking down fats for energy. This results in the formation of


These acid compounds typically cause your breath to turn fruity or smell like nail polish or acetone. Look out for changes in your breath! Diabetic Ketoacidosis is a complication of diabetes that requires medical attention. Get in touch with your medical team if you suspect you have this symptom!


Skin darkening 

Darkening of the skin, especially around your neck area, is a warning sign of Diabetes. This condition is called

Acanthosis nigricans

, where your skin may feel thicker and velvety. This condition often is spread across your skin or found in creases, groin areas and armpits.


High insulin levels cause your skin cells to reproduce faster than normal, resulting in this condition.


Blurred vision

Diabetes is notoriously known to

affect your vision

. If you feel your vision is changed or blurry, there is a chance your eyes are warning you of Diabetes! High blood sugar can alter fluid levels in your eyes. This can lead to swelling, blurred vision and difficulty focusing.


If not treated, diabetes may even cause vision loss! So make sure to test your blood sugar levels regularly!


Recurring infections

High blood sugar levels weaken your immune system, making you

prone to infections.

High blood sugar levels make it difficult for your white blood cells to travel through your body, resulting in a weaker immune system! Recurring infections are an important symptom of Diabetes that often goes unnoticed!


Look out for infections such as:


Dry mouth and increased thirst

Both telltale signs of Diabetes! High blood sugar levels decrease the secretion of saliva, resulting in a dry mouth also called


! This may lead to tooth decay or gum infections!


High blood sugar also makes you thirsty. This phenomenon is called


If you observe these symptoms, get checked for diabetes immediately!


Frequent urination

When your blood sugar levels shoot up, your kidneys work overtime to filter out the excess glucose from your blood. This leads to frequent urination or





cause frequent urination too. Get in touch with your medical team to find the cause of this condition!


Pain in limbs


is a commonly observed symptom of Diabetes. High blood sugar levels cause damage to your nerves, resulting in pain in your limbs. This condition is often a warning sign of severe diabetes.


You may experience pain in your arms and legs or tingling, burning and the numbness of limbs. This is a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention!


Poor healing

High blood sugar levels restrict your white blood cells from travelling through your body. Due to your compromised immune system, your wounds may take longer to heal or may never heal!

is another warning sign of diabetes.


Diabetes neuropathy also prevents nutrients from being delivered to your wound, thus affecting its healing. If you have Diabetes, you must take extra precautions to prevent serious wounds.


The bottom line

Diabetes is a serious condition that can sneak up on you if you follow an unhealthy lifestyle. These symptoms can easily be avoided by following a

healthy diet

and an

active lifestyle.

If you notice two or more of these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately and get tested for Diabetes!



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