Diabetes Friendly Vegetable Paratha

Mindful eating made easy with our vegetable paratha for blood sugar management

  • 250g grated gobi
  • 50g grated carrot
  • 150g grated paneer
  • 20g chopped coriander
  • 20g chopped green chili
  • 5g chili powder
  • 4g chat masala
  • 2g chili flakes
  • 8g garam masala
  • 5g jeera powder
  • 10g salt
  • 50g atta dough Buy Here


Pre-prep instructions:

Saute 250g grated gobi, 100g grated carrot, green chili, chili flakes, and chat masala for 1-2 minutes over low heat.
Cool the mixture and keep it in the fridge at 5 degrees Celsius.
Mix the stuffing ingredients together: grated paneer, chopped coriander, garam masala, jeera powder, and salt.

Directions (Cooking time: 2-3 min):

Heat a pan over high heat (induction temperature: 1000).
Roll out 40g of the stuffing mixture and place it on top of 50g atta dough.
Fold the dough over the stuffing and roll it out again.
Cook the paratha on both sides for 1-2 minutes, adding a little oil for roasting.
Serve hot.

Nutritional facts:

616 kcal,25g Protein, 11.1g Carbs, 21g Fat, 3g Fiber

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