Living with Diabetes - Hacks to Get You Started

Living with Diabetes - Hacks to Get You Started

Diabetes takes time and energy to manage, but there are plenty of simple things that individuals can do to help make living with the disease easier.


For easier control over your diabetes, we have put together diabetic hacks, which can help simplify your routines and be prepared for unexpected situations.


Control your carb intake

Cutting out those added sugars may


you keep blood glucose levels in check, while also helping to reduce weight. If you have type 1 diabetes, counting carbohydrates is important for keeping your blood glucose levels stable.


Physical activity will help

It has been reported that exercising after meals is more effective than exercising once per day. This is especially true in controlling blood glucose levels in individuals with

type 2 diabetes.

Creating storage for glucose in the muscles through physical activity is the best way to decrease the blood glucose spike. And exercising within 30 minutes of eating is the best way to maximize the effects of a workout.

A bit of exercise and fresh air have an amazing impact on

stress levels,

and also how well your metabolism processes your blood glucose and your food intake.


A goodnight goes a long way

When it comes to sleep's effect on your blood glucose control, the latest evidence suggests lifestyle changes are better than relying on medications for appetite regulation and glucose metabolism.

While not as much is spoken about how faster sleep reduces glucose levels, it may prove


in diabetic patients. It also may help you to avoid drinking sugary drinks and may help curb excess eating if you are watching your weight.


Stay hydrated

Not having enough water in the body, or just being


causes the concentration of sugars in your blood to rise, thus increasing your body's sugar levels.


Keep a tab on blood sugar level

Checking your blood sugar


can work well with your diet and exercise plans. This helps to control diabetes better and get ahead of any spikes or drops before they occur.

Committing to checking your blood sugar regularly can help you along the way in staying happy and healthy as you navigate living with diabetes.


Food is all about balance

You should be mindful of the size of the portions you eat. It is said that


and some other fruits may contain naturally occurring sugars, have a low glycemic index (GI), and offer valuable nutrients. So they can be enjoyed as a part of a diabetes meal when portioned properly. But eating too much is not recommended for diabetics.


The bottom line

You just need to be careful of your lifestyle and food to keep your health intact.
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