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Diabetic Atta Additive | 32% Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetic Atta Additive | 32% Lower Blood Sugar Levels

A breakthrough innovative formula made with ayurvedic ingredients that will give you 50% less sugar spike. Add this additive with regular atta in a 1:2 ratio and see the reduction in your post meal blood sugar levels!

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DESCRIPTION How to Prepare

Reducing the Glycemic Load of Your Meals Has Never Been Easier

Love rotis and parathas but resisting yourself because of carbs? Our innovative atta additive is here to save you! Made from natural plant-based ingredients, this revolutionary product is powered by Ayurvedic ingredients such as Methi Seeds, Karela Seeds, and Jamun Seeds to make it even more effective.

Our atta additive is incredibly versatile and can be easily added to your regular atta to reduce its glycemic load. What's more, it helps manage diabetes by reducing post-meal sugar spikes by 30-70%. Moreover, its low glycemic index ensures steady glucose release.

But that's not all! Our atta additive also blends seamlessly into everyday meals without altering the taste, making it a hassle-free way to enjoy your favorite meals while managing your blood sugar levels.

So if you're looking for a natural, safe, and effective way to manage diabetes and enjoy your favorite meals without worrying about the impact on your blood sugar levels, try our atta additive today!

Specially formulated by a panel of nutritionists and dietitians these diabetes specialist foods can fit in any diabetes management plan to provide the right dietary care.

How to use

Simply use a 1:2 ratio of DiabeSmart atta additive to regular atta.

It's important to note that atta prepared using our DiabeSmart atta additive requires a slightly higher quantity of water while kneading as compared to normal wheat atta. Once the dough is made, set it aside for 5-10 minutes before rolling out the rotis.

Our atta additive is made with diabetic-friendly ingredients like quinoa flour, coconut flour, and flax seeds, and should be stored in the refrigerator to maintain its freshness.

Customer Reviews

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Option to Buy without Glucometer

After the first purchase, there is No option to buy without Glucometer ?
Why every time a New Glucometer with every purchase ?

Saniya Ansari
Nice atta

Keeps the roti soft

bhagya s rajagoplan
Healthy Diet

I am happy about this product .
By adding this Atta Rotis will be soft and tasty.

Harsha Sahu
Best alternative for regular atta for diabetics

This premix was Prescribed by the doctor for my mom after using 2 months now she feels better with a diet.

Isha Rani
Maintains blood sugar level adequately

I bought this for my mother she is diabetic.This product is really good to maintain blood sugar levels.My mother is really having good experience and her blood sugar is in control now taking this product. She mixes with regular atta while making chapatis.I would recommend this to everyone out dere. Also using their batter mix for dosas and idlis. Still it does its work at best as blood sugar regulator .