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Diabetic Atta Additive | 32% Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetic Atta Additive | 32% Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Love rotis and parathas but resisting yourself because of carbs? Our innovative Atta Additive is here to save you! Made from natural plant-based ingredients, this revolutionary product is powered by Ayurvedic ingredients such as Methi Seeds, Karela Seeds, and Jamun Seeds to make it even more effective. With a remarkable reduction of up to 32% in blood sugar levels, our additive is a game-changer for individuals living with diabetes or those seeking to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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Why Choose Our Diabetic Atta Additive:

  1. Clinically Proven Results: Our Diabetic Atta Additive has demonstrated significant reductions in blood sugar levels, backed by scientific research by our highly experienced nutritionists. It also improves insulin sensitivity and reduces the risk of diabetic complications, providing reassurance and confidence to individuals managing diabetes.
  1. Natural and Safe: Formulated with natural ingredients known for their blood sugar-regulating properties, our additive offers a safe and effective way to manage diabetes without harsh chemicals or medications. Free from artificial additives, preservatives, and GMOs, it ensures the highest level of purity and safety.
  1. Extravagant Usage: Our Diabetic Atta Additive seamlessly integrates into your daily routine, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods while prioritizing your health. Simply add it to your atta (flour) when preparing chapatis, rotis, or other baked goods. It can also be incorporated into smoothies, yogurt, or oatmeal for added nutritional benefits.
  1. Improved Overall Health: Beyond its blood sugar-lowering benefits, our additive supports digestive health, heart health, and overall well-being. It may also help reduce inflammation, promote weight loss, and enhance immune function, making it a valuable addition to your diabetes management plan.
  1. Exceptional Quality Assurance: We adhere to the highest standards of quality and purity, ensuring that each batch of our Diabetic Atta Additive is carefully crafted to deliver consistent and reliable results. Our manufacturing process follows strict quality control measures, including potency, purity, and contamination testing, ensuring the highest level of product efficacy and safety.

Empower yourself to take control of your diabetes management journey with our Diabetic Atta Additive. Experience the freedom to enjoy delicious meals while prioritizing your health and well-being.

How to use

Simply use a 1:2 ratio of DiabeSmart atta additive to regular atta.

It's important to note that atta prepared using our DiabeSmart atta additive requires a slightly higher quantity of water while kneading as compared to normal wheat atta. Once the dough is made, set it aside for 5-10 minutes before rolling out the rotis.

Our atta additive is made with diabetic-friendly ingredients like quinoa flour, coconut flour, and flax seeds, and should be stored in the refrigerator to maintain its freshness.

Key Ingredients :

  1. Methi Seeds: Renowned for its high soluble fiber content, Methi Seeds play a pivotal role in regulating blood sugar levels by slowing down the absorption of glucose. Additionally, it aids in digestion, promotes bowel regularity, and supports heart health. Methi Seeds may also help lower cholesterol levels and facilitate weight loss by promoting a feeling of fullness.
  1. Jamun Seeds: Studies have shown that Jamun seeds can help lower blood sugar levels by improving insulin sensitivity. Moreover, they are rich in soluble fiber, which delays carbohydrate absorption and reduces postprandial glucose levels. Jamun seeds also possess anti-inflammatory properties and may alleviate menstrual discomfort.
  1. Cinnamon: This aromatic spice not only adds flavor but also boasts impressive health benefits. Cinnamon enhances insulin sensitivity, lowers fasting blood sugar levels, and improves lipid profiles in individuals with diabetes. Furthermore, cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and may reduce the risk of heart disease.
  1. Flaxseeds: High in omega-3 fatty acids and soluble fiber, flaxseeds contribute to better glycemic control by slowing down sugar release into the bloodstream. They also promote satiety and support cardiovascular health. Additionally, flaxseeds are a good source of lignans, which are associated with a reduced risk of cancer.


  • What is Diabetic Atta Additive?

    Diabetic Atta Additive is a specially formulated ingredient blend designed to be added to atta (whole wheat flour) to create diabetic-friendly rotis (Indian flatbread). It is crafted with diabetic individuals in mind, aiming to provide a convenient and effective way to manage blood sugar levels while enjoying traditional Indian meals.

  • How does Diabetic Atta Additive work?

    Diabetic Atta Additive contains a unique combination of ingredients that are known to help regulate blood sugar levels. By adding this additive to atta, it modifies the glycemic response of the rotis, resulting in slower digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. This leads to more stable blood sugar levels after meals, helping individuals with diabetes better manage their condition.

  • What are the benefits of using Diabetic Atta Additive?

    Lower blood sugar levels: Clinical studies have shown that incorporating Diabetic Atta Additive into meals can lead to a significant reduction in postprandial blood sugar levels.

    Diabetic-friendly: Diabetic Atta Additive is specifically formulated to be low-glycemic, making it suitable for individuals with diabetes or those looking to manage their blood sugar levels.

    Easy to use: Simply mix the Diabetic Atta Additive with atta according to the provided instructions(1:2) to create rotis with lower glycemic impact, without compromising on taste or texture.

    Promotes satiety: The combination of ingredients in Diabetic Atta Additive, such as fiber and protein, helps promote feelings of fullness and satisfaction, which can aid in weight management and blood sugar control.

  • How do I use Diabetic Atta Additive?

    Using Diabetic Atta Additive is simple. Just follow the instructions provided on the packaging. Typically, you'll mix a specified amount of the additive with a certain quantity of atta before making the dough for rotis. Then, proceed with your usual roti-making process. Enjoy the delicious and diabetic-friendly rotis as part of your meals.

  • Is Diabetic Atta Additive safe to use?

    Yes, Diabetic Atta Additive is safe for consumption. It is formulated with carefully selected ingredients that have been researched for their safety and efficacy in managing blood sugar levels. However, as with any dietary supplement or additive, individuals with specific allergies or medical conditions should consult with their healthcare provider before use.

  • Where can I purchase Diabetic Atta Additive?

    Diabetic Atta Additive is available for purchase online through our official website or select retailers. Look for it in stores specializing in diabetic-friendly products or health food sections. Stay tuned for updates on new locations where you can find this innovative additive near you!

Customer Reviews

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bhagya s rajagoplan
Healthy Diet

I am happy about this product .
By adding this Atta Rotis will be soft and tasty.

Harsha Sahu
Best alternative for regular atta for diabetics

This premix was Prescribed by the doctor for my mom after using 2 months now she feels better with a diet.

Isha Rani
Maintains blood sugar level adequately

I bought this for my mother she is diabetic.This product is really good to maintain blood sugar levels.My mother is really having good experience and her blood sugar is in control now taking this product. She mixes with regular atta while making chapatis.I would recommend this to everyone out dere. Also using their batter mix for dosas and idlis. Still it does its work at best as blood sugar regulator .

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